Born in the land known as the “Concrete Jungle”, better known as the Southside of Queens, New York, S.I.N.A. began to study the art form of Hip Hop at the mere age of eight.  S.I.N.A. can recall his very first interaction with Hip Hop, where his older brother took him along with him one afternoon to Jamaica Avenue. His brother would frequently travel to Jamaica Ave., to purchase albums and mixtapes, but still at a young age S.I.N.A. never took interest. But on this day things would change.

When he and his brother returned home, his brother began to play the tape.  The voice along with the words had S.I.N.A. hooked and it changed his life forever.  The sound coming through the speakers was none than KRS-One’s “The Bridge Is Over”.


S.I.N.A. began to study this form as music known as Hip Hop and already icon in his eyes KRS-One.  At the age of 11, SINA decided that not only did he want to study this art form, he wanted to be a part of it.   SINA wrote his first rhyme when he was thirteen years old, but his devotion to Hip Hop would soon come to a halt. His parents moved the family to Florida.  It was hard for SINA to adjust because the Hip Hop scene in Florida was not the same as New York.

Without his weekly trips to the Ave., it made it hard for S.I.N.A. to obtain his KRS-One tapes. This would be S.I.N.A.’s first lesson in how great the power of Hip Hop could be.  He would soon find fulfillment in south Florida’s own Trick Daddy.  Trick Daddy inspired S.I.N.A. to start writing again and at the same time vowing to never let anything stop him from his true passion.  With his northern yet southern style mutating, S.I.N.A. has truly become a force to be reckoned with!

Ready to make his mark on Hip Hop Street Ruckus Entertainment presents to you….

Succumbing Is Not Acceptable – S.I.N.A.

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